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Son of Time Chronicles is a fantasy book series by Tyler Ferris and Anthony Limiero. If you love books like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Eragon, or Harry Potter, you'll love this series! Follow the adventures of Calvin Tempus, a boy from modern day who gets thrown into the past, and Jake Gray, a wizard from the city of FairFax, as they struggle against a universe that seems intent on destroying them. This three part series was first published in 2016 and is still being written today!

The Books

The only memory twelve-year old Calvin has of his father is a cheap wrist watch. But when that watch suddenly starts running backwards, Calvin finds himself tired, hungry and alone in a medieval village — nine-hundred years in the past. There, along with a few orphaned friends, he must battle dwarves, dragons, and dark magic — and the brutal truth of who his own father has become.

When Jake Gray wakes up in a cell with no memory of how he arrived there, things in the medieval city of Fairfax are heating up. A mysterious new enemy known as the Accusers threatens the fledgling wizard council, and a difficult choice sends Calvin and his friends tumbling into the unknown. Pursued by the past and tangled up with the future, the young wizards find themselves wrapped up in an epic quest of strange new magics, surprising allies, and the legends of a long forgotten secret. But time is ticking, and the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.


Son of Time is available for purchase on amazon.com as a paperback book or a kindle ebook. And as a bonus, it's Prime elegible.

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